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Cask Ales

Spitfire - 4.2% ABV

Spitfire is one of the UK’s best-loved beers with an international reputation as a Great  British Classic. Since its inception as a one-off brew back in 1990, Spitfire has enjoyed phenomenal success, earning a Royal Warrant and protected status as a Kentish Ale.

Seasonal And Guest Ales

We regularly rotate one of our pumps to include Shepherd Neame Seasonal Ales, one off brews and Guest Ales from Independent Brewers from around the world

Keg Beers

Whitstable Bay Pale Ale - 4% ABV

Whitstable Bay Pale Ale is designed to suit all palates and offer a light, refreshing taste The sweet maltiness balances perfectly with the fresh pine notes provided by the hops added late in the process, to offer a light-coloured, thirst-quenching ale.

Spitfire Lager - 4% ABV

Spitfire Lager represents the best in British lager: cool, refreshing and thirst-quenching. Shepherd Neame was instrumental in introducing lager to the British palate and Spitfire Lager combines the spirit of innovation with tradition and expertise to produce another modern classic.

Orchard View - 4.5% ABV

Orchard View is a bright, light straw-coloured cider with a fresh, rustic apple orchard aroma this is complemented with a well-balanced, crisp palate and gentle, drying finish. Orchard View Cider is suitable for vegans and gluten free.

Guinness - 4.2% ABV

Guinness has a malty sweetness and a hoppy bitterness, with notes of coffee and chocolate. A roasted flavor also comes through, courtesy of the roasted unmalted barley that goes into its brewing. It has a sweet nose, with hints of malt breaking through, and its palate is smooth, creamy, and balanced.

Amstel Bier – 4.1% ABV 

For almost 150 years, Amstel has brewed a high-quality bier that has the perfect balance of taste and refreshment. With a unique honey malt aroma, Amstel delivers a subtle citrus and herbal hop character with a clean bitter finish

Foster’s – 4% ABV

An easy-drinking lager that is perfectly balanced with moderate vanilla tasting notes. With no hard edges or bitter aftertaste, it delivers ultimate refreshment at any time of year. The beer is made with six simple ingredients (water, malted barley, glucose syrup, barley, hops, hop extract), and the brewing process is the same today as it was when the Foster brothers first brewed it in 1888.

Five Grain Lager – 5% ABV

Refreshing, balanced craft lager Barley, rye, wheat, maize and rice combine to result in a complex yet refreshing pale gold lager, while the use of aromatic French Strisselspalt hops lends a distinctive refreshing citrus aroma.

Strongbow Cloudy Apple - 4.5% ABV

Sweet apple flavour, balanced with Strongbow’s refreshing crisp dryness and tanginess, giving a clean apple finish.